about xchange

The Secret Xchange is that magical, fantastic place where everyone exchanges the real for the unreal. It happens when you step off a nondescript street in Hoboken, New Jersey and through a small, worn old storefront over on Cherry Street. You duck through the (rather low) door not expecting anything. But then suddenly there you are: trapped in the Imagination Wheel of the Secret Xchange which starts whirling you around faster and faster, until all at once you lose all your worries, all your anxieties, all your fears and all those other ‘real’ things, and find yourself exchanging them for the completely ‘unreal’—for a world of joy and wonder and happiness and Final Ecstasy. Only a relatively few people know about the Secret Xchange so far, but in the end there will be many more. Many, many more. There can be no doubt about that.