Secret Xchange Is Coming to Lakewood!

A special thanks to all our fans at Taxi services Lakewood, and at Lakewood Taxi!

As all of you fan boys and fan girls out there in Colorado know, in the first week of July this year (2016) the entire Top Crew of Secret Exchange is coming to Lakewood, Colorado, on the west side of Denver.

We are all looking forward to meeting you, and we are sure that you are looking forward to meeting us.

Starflighter Henry will be there, of course, as will Mellow Yellow, the Unlabeled Meatball, and Freddy Jenny will be there too, and Alice of Sunderland, Part 2.

And if that doesn’t make any sense, don’t worry about it because, as anyone who has ever taken the time to watch our YouTube channel knows, nothing we do makes any sense—not, that is, until in the end it all somehow comes together.

We’ve been plannning this trip for months now because we have so many fans out there in the Rocky Mountains, and also because we ourselves would like nothing better than to spend a little time in those Rocky Mountains.

And that’s understandable, because even though we are the coolest group of people that we know, we live in a real grungy, dismal sort of place.

Hoboken, New Jersey! Can you believe it? How could such a cool group come from such an awful place?

 But of course that’s the joke. That’s what makes the Secret Xchange the amazing and even miraculous sort of place that it is.

It’s the place where everyone exchanges the real for the unreal. I mean you’re walking down those mean streets there in Hoboken, and then suddenly you see our bland little storefront over on Cherry Street, and you duck through the door not expecting anything, but then…

Bam! There you are trapped in our Imagination Wheel, which is whirling you around faster and faster, and still faster, and…

But you know the show. You know the game. And now the show and the game are coming to all you fans out there in Lakewood.

See you soon!